Historical facts, facts which I mentioned during my various discussions in Israel, rather pointedly deny this accusation. Anti-Semitism is an antagonistic and hostile attitude toward Jews simply because they are Jewish. This attitude is found in history in Western Europe and in the ancient world. It did not, however, exist in Ukraine. Every political or military conflict between the two nationalities in Ukraine was seeded by the Jews. The Ukrainians reactions were reactions of revenge - for wrongs inflicted on them by Jews in the service of the Russian or Polish occupiers of Ukraine.

Ukrainians seem to be the historical "scapegoats" for Ukrainian-born Jews and Jewish Ukrainophobes in the world. These Jews constantly and stubbornly use Ukrainians as their examples of "historical anti-Semites", because the Ukrainian nation is still enslaved and cannot defend itself on the world scene. This attitude also seems intended to curry favor with the mighty Soviet empire.

These facts should be investigated and recognized by all Jews. Rather than base their opinions and attitudes on the emotionally-tainted "first-hand information" of the Jewish chronicler Nathan N. Hannover or C. N. Dubnov, but on the accounts of not only Ukrainian observers, but also French and German, and even the hostile accounts of the Polish and Russian sources.

A basic question does arise here. Is it worth the effort to try to convince the Jews when they basically don't want to listen? Can the truth break through this influence of this Jewish arrogance?

It is my belief that the effort is vital. In my dealings, I constantly emphasize that Ukrainians want to cooperate with Jews, but on the basis of a clear understanding of history. These facts must be shown to all who believe in the anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

I am conscious that the initial reaction to this book will be shrill cries that I am the worst kind of anti-Semite. The outstanding Jewish American journalist Richard Cohen reported the abnormal Jewish reaction to his criticism of Jews:

"The letters are vicious, some personal. One person ripped a page out of the Yellow Pages and sent me a listing of psychiatrists. The meaning is clear: I am sick... Non-Jewish critics of Jews get the flip side of this treatment. They are dismissed or denounced as anti-Semites".22

But I believe that there are many intelligent and truth-seeking Jewish patriots, who understand that not all Jewish beliefs about Ukrainians are true and can stand up to historical scrutiny, and that disagreement with Jewish opinion is not anti-Semitism. The above mentioned Jewish journalist R. Cohen concluded his report with: "The Jewish community runs the risk of being ignored when it has only one response to the criticism of Jews - and that is to shout 'anti-Semite'!"

Truth, and respecting truth is vital to everyone.



[22] Philadelphia Inquirer, July 11,1982.