I talked with Rabbi Kahana, Dr. Beysky, Mr. Suslensky, and others about the trial procedures against Ukrainians who are accused of 'war crimes' against Jews by the prosecutors of the Office of Special Investigations. They knew very well what the matter was all about since the Jewish press in Israel writes frequently about this, obviously in the same way as the 'American' press in America, that is, with a constant refrain that the tried war criminals are 'Ukrainian anti-Semites', who helped the Nazis destroy Jews. Israelis have active ties with this department, because many of the 'witnesses' live in Israel.

"Well," everyone nodded their heads didactically during the conversation, "so it must be. Ukrainians and all other anti-Semites must be taught a good lesson and punished!"

"Who must be taught a good lesson?", I asked. "And punished for what? You know very well that all those who collaborated with and carried out Eichmann's orders to destroy Jews were Germans. So why aren't you seeking the guilty in Germany? The Germans are paying you billions of marks in damages and you're afraid that they'll get angry for your vengefulness and stop their payments! That's why you're seeking victims to satisfy your thirst for revenge among the defenseless, the Ukrainians and other immigrants from Russian-occupied lands?"

"What do you mean, 'to satisfy our thirst for revenge'?"

"Let me put it to you in the words of one of your own kind, who wrote in the "Letters to the Editor" of the Philadelphia Inquirer: - in connection with the trial of one of the 'accused', Mr, Kowalchuk - 'The point of the (trial) procedure is symbolic. Kowalchuk mayor may not be guilty, The main thing is, such a trial serves Jewish interests,' This means that you're not at all concerned about justice, guilt or innocence - what you need is victims, so you take whomever the KGB slips to you. It's somewhat like the pre-World War II times, when the Gestapo would choose this or that Jew, accuse him of all sorts of beastly crimes (even though he might be totally innocent) and then proceed to punish him... and other Jews. Is this honest?"

"But who asked if it's honest and right to murder six million Jews?"

"I understand, so I will ask you something entirely different! Are you certain that this will payoff for you?"

"How so?"

"In that the results of your actions are such, that Arafat should award the highest honors to those who are behind them".

"What do you mean?"

"With these trials, demonstrations, and assaults on the innocent, you're not only mobilizing all Americans of Ukrainian descent against the Jews, but even the Anglo-Saxons who were completely indifferent to these problems. The basis of American justice is that every person is considered innocent until proven guilty. But as soon as an item appears in the newspaper that a new victim, a 'war criminal', is lined up, the Jews straightaway launch a hurricane assault, demonstrating against him, proclaiming his guilt in the murder of thousands of Jews, and demanding the death penalty for him. This terribly angers every American and he begins to hate you. Why don't the Jews see to it that this is stopped? It is the Jews themselves who engender the hatred of non-Jews with such provocative behavior. Therefore, the very Jews, themselves, and not some imaginary 'anti-Semites', are setting all non-Jews against Jews".

"You're exaggerating!"

"No, I'm not. During these trials Jews demonstrated in the courtrooms with the catchwords 'Jewish justice'! This angered the Americans unbelievably. Observing this, they asked one another- 'What is 'Jewish justice' doing in American courts? And why, 'Jewish' and not American justice? Are we a colony of theirs? It's not enough that our government gives Israel billions of our tax money each year for nothing, and now our American courts must yield to Jewish demands?' How can Jews not see and understand this? Maybe it seems to you that no American questions why there are no funds in the American budget for breakfast for American children, but there are billions of dollars for Israel. You are evoking and arousing these questions in all Americans, who are looking irately at these Jewish demonstrations against innocent people in America".

"Innocent? In what way are they 'innocent'?"

"Which of the accused has ever been proven guilty of voluntary or any general participation in the destruction of Jews? In Chicago, eleven Jews testified under oath that they recognized Walus as definitely being one who had served in the German police and tortured Jews in concentration camps. The court pronounced him guilty. In fact, the judge was a Jew. Afterwards the Counsel for the Defense proved beyond all doubt, with documents and German witnesses, that this Walus worked in Germany during the entire war. This means, all eleven Jewish witnesses testified falsely. Can you imagine what terrible anger this caused among Americans against the Jews? Goebbels himself wouldn't have been able to turn the Americans against the Jews the way they did it themselves. You really can't see and understand that?"

"So you're against trying those who murdered Jews?"

"No! They should have been found and tried in the first years after the war, not forty years later. And if you want to continue searching them out, then look among the Germans and among the Jews themselves. Don't antagonize the non-Jews in America. Decide calmly: does this really benefit you, the Jews, or does it benefit your enemies?"

"And how is it that you yourself lived through the hell of Gestapo barbarism in concentration camps and now stand so passionately in defense of those who helped create that hell?"

"First, this question must be corrected. I have not stood, nor will I stand, in defense of those who actually served the Gestapo sadists. I'm defending those persecuted, who are innocent. In my memoirs about the concentration camps, I mention that my first confrontation with the Germans took place when, in the region of Belzets, I saw how the Germans drove Jews across the river to the U.S.S.R., beat them and set hounds upon them. I then went to the German command and attempted to protest against these inhumanities, which brought no honor or benefit to the Germans. The Gestapo warned me that if I attempted to criticize the Germans once more and rise to the defense of Jews, I would find myself in the midst of the nearest group of Jews being transported to the firing squads. Then I was defending Jews before the German Nazis. Will you, too, warn me that if I continue to criticize Jews and defend Ukrainians, then you will do with me what the Gestapo did with Jews?"

"Why are you talking like that?"

"Because after I testified in court in defense of the accused Osidach in Philadelphia, and went out into the street, a young female activist of the Jewish Defense League jumped on me with the cry: 'We know you! We'll murder you!' and hit me in the eye, causing retinal detachment, for which I had to undergo a serious eye operation".

"That was a hysteric. We know that group. They cause considerable damage even to us, the Jews. The government of Israel threw their leader out of Israel. They're lunatics".

"I don't know. In fact in front of me you condemn them, and before them, you possibly praise them as heroes. I'm only puzzled by one thing: Where were they when the Germans were destroying the Jews? Why didn't they jump on the Gestapo and poke their eyes out? They had such a 'moira' (fear) at the time that they hid in a mousehole. And now in America they're 'koydym' (brave, courageous) in regard to innocent Ukrainians. I repeat again and again, not as an 'anti-Semite' but as your friend: the abuse of your influence in America for the purpose of persecuting innocent Ukrainians by accusing them of cooperation with the Germans - is merely 'sowing in the wind'. And every-one is familiar with the proverb: 'Who sows in the wind, reaps the storm!' Think this over carefully!

"What do you mean to say by that? Are you threatening us with new pogroms?"

"No, I'm not threatening you with pogroms, I'm only warning you. All of those who have come to America from Eastern European countries, occupied by the Bolsheviks, know a great deal about the role of Jews in the recent history of these lands - a role which, for your own good, it would be better to cover-up before the American public. But with these trials of 'war criminals' - the so-called murderers of innocent Jews - you're provoking them to reveal everything incriminating against the Jews. Is this what you want? These East-European emigres have children and grandchildren, born and raised as American citizens. When you maliciously and groundlessly accuse their forebearers of imaginary crimes - and even generalize the accusation by claiming for example that all Ukrainians 'are anti-Semites' - then they in turn, seeking to know the truth, learn from their parents about the role of the Jews in the apparatus of the bloody CheKa, GPU, NKVD, KGB; and they pass on this information to all their American acquaintances, co-workers, professors, journalists, et al. Tell me, do you really want that? Isn't it better for the Jews not to rekindle hatred and a desire for revenge between the Jews and Ukrainians, and the Jews and other Eastern European immigrants - but to join with them against a common enemy: imperialist Moscow? For Moscow is the deadliest foe of Ukraine, America and Israel".