"Rabbi," I wondered, "not only Ukrainians, but all Christians hate the Jews and are guilty of your misfortune?"

"Yes, all Christians. Christians from the very beginning of their existence became terrible anti-Semites. The apostle Paul incited and preached against Jews and desired our destruction".

"I read such a reproach in the book, "Destruction of the European Jews", by the Jew Ravel Gilberg, in which, at the beginning of the book, he compared excerpts from the writings of Luther and the decisions of the Catholic Church with the anti-Jewish decrees of Hitlerite Germany, with the conclusion that Hitlerite wrongs to the Jews were a continuance of the Christians' actions. But I thought that this was the imagining of a Jewish super-patriot. Now I hear the same from you, Rabbi! It seems that all of you think this".

"Apparently - because it's the holy truth! Christianity is guilty of the misfortunes of the Jewish nation!"

"Excuse me, Rabbi, but Christianity has existed for only two thousand years, and Jews were beaten and destroyed since the beginning of their existence. Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Persia, the Philistines, Romans..."

"No, that was all the result of historical incidents: the land of Israel lies on the path between Mesopotamia and Egypt; therefore, the empires that existed in ancient times wanted to rule this land and demanded obedience from the Jews. The Jews revolted and bore the consequences. But neither the Romans, nor Babylonians, nor Assyrians nor Egyptians were anti-Semitic, they didn't desire the Jews' destruction. But then the Christians proclaimed us Christ-killers, as the damned who should be destroyed because we, say the Christians, killed God. If we could kill God, how is God immortal?"

"Here, Rabbi, is a vital detail: The Christians say that the Jews 'killed God', or 'crucified Christ'.

"Isn't that the same thing? The Christians claim that Christ is God. And there is one God, correct?"

"Obviously! Every intelligent person believes that there is one God. But it is very interesting to hear this affirmation from a Jewish rabbi".

"Oh? And why is that?" The rabbi was greatly puzzled. "Everyone knows that the Jews were the first to start believing in one God".

"Not quite, Rabbi! Ancient Egyptian history teaches that the first acknowledger of an only and single God was the Egyptian pharaoh Akhnaton. Already for over a hundred years before Moses he introduced a binding faith in one God Aton, or Adon. It was from him that Moses acquired, a hundred years later, faith in one God and even inculcated the name 'Aton' into the Jewish religion as Adonai".

"So you're contradicting the Old Testament of the Holy Writ?"

"I've already told you, at the beginning of our conversation, that religion is one matter and science, knowledge - is another. As historians, we have to approach a given question from a scientific perspective. But let us return to the question of the Jews' faith in one God".

"Well, you probably can't deny that now!"

"Yes - and I have deep misgivings regarding that".

"Misgivings? Even now, you have misgivings?"

"You, the Jews, are constantly talking about your God, Adonai, Jehovah, or whatever you call him. Why? Isn't He the God of all nations? Does every nation have its own God? If you, the Jews, acknowledge such a faith, then this means that you don't believe in one God, but in as many Gods as there are nations in the world. If you truly believe in one God, then you must believe that he is the God, Creator and Father of each nation and every single person. Every nation has only its own word, its own name for God and its understanding of God: who He is, what He is and what He demands from us. This, and only this, is believed by those who believe in one God".2

"We, the Jews, also believe this. Except that this one God personally conceived a liking for the Jews and selected them as his children, as his chosen nation".

"That's absurd. God is the Father of all nations, all people. How can a good father place one son above all others? Why?

The Rabbi was lost.

"This is a very complex theological question. In any case, I repeat: the Jews never killed any God, as the Christians claim".

"But they crucified Christ, founder of the Christian religion".

"That's untrue! It wasn't the Jews who crucified him, but the Romans, because Christ proclaimed himself the King of Judea, and Judea and the rest of the Jewish land was under Rome's jurisdiction. The Roman Caesar appointed deputies for Judea. Roman law and Roman government decided everything. No one asked the Jews".

"But the Roman deputy Pilate washed his hands and swore that he did not find Jesus guilty and the Jews cried: "Crucify him, crucify him, let his blood fall on us and on our children!"

"No, no!", the rabbi denied passionately. "All this is Christian imagination. This became the source of anti-Semitism. It's high time that the Pope threw out these imaginings from Christian books, because anti-Semitism started from this. To punish the Jews who rose against Rome, the Romans only drove them from Palestine. It wasn't until three hundred years after the death of Christ, when Constantine made Christianity the lawful religion of the Roman empire, that anti-Semitism began, the demand to destroy all Jews, the Holy Inquisition, anti-Semitic Nazism..."

"It seems, then, that all Christianity and every Christian is at fault for your calamities".

"Yes, Christianity is the source of anti-Semitism, the holocausts..."

"It means that, for the good of the Jews, Christianity should be destroyed to its very foundations".

"I'm not saying that".

"But you're thinking it, because that's the logical conclusion".

The rabbi became deeply thoughtful and made no reply.



[2] U.S. Senator Jack B. Tenny in his Report on the Zionist Network "Israelites believed that Jehovah was the God of Israel. This was the essense and the substance of the national faith... The relationship between Jehovah and Israel was that of father and son... Jehovah existed for Israel, and everything - including Jehovah, - depended upon the existance of Israel". (Zionist Network by Senator Jack B. Tenney. Tujunda, Ca., 1953, p. 22).